Established in 1993, Goyo LLC is one of the first private cashmere and wool companies in Mongolia.

Английн “Tatham”, Италийн “Gaudino”, “Savio” компаниудын тоног төхөөрөмжөөр тоноглогдсон Ээрмэлийн үйлдвэр ашиглалтанд орж жилдээ 60тн ээрмэл утас үйлдвэрлэн Англи, АНУ, Япон зэрэг улсуудад экспортолж эхэлсэн.

In 2002, the knitting factory began operation and was equipped with fully automatic machines from Germany.

In July 2004, the two entities that had ownership in Goyo, Amikal industries and the development bank of commerce, transferred the rights and powers of the Gerald metals consortium to the Mongolian cashmere and camel wool company. This was Goyo’s name at the time.

In March 2005, 100% of the ownership of the Mongolian cashmere and camel wool company was transferred to the Mongolian MCS Group. 

In July 2006, the MCS Group not only changed the internal structure and management of the Mongolian cashmere and camel wool company but also changed the company name to Goyo.

Today, Goyo is a vertically integrated enterprise with the most advanced garment manufacturing facility in Mongolia with an annual production capacity of 160 tons of cashmere and camel wool yarn and 350,000 pieces of fine cashmere and camel wool garments. The company is equipped with the most advanced machineries from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.